Inspiration Cares Not For Your Schedule

It was sometime around 10:30 last night that I woke with a start and an uncontrollable need to write. There was nothing I could do to stop it. After months of going back and forth with ideas, I finally had the ending to Maidens Song figured out (just the ending mind, there is still a large gap in the middle). During those harried and chaotic 45 minutes I started to remember why we do this. People don’t really think of writing as being an extreme sport, but the adrenaline rush I felt was the equal of anything I have experienced on any thrill ride.

I was lucky that I had my laptop nearby during that little episode. Inspiration seems to rarely come at a time of our choosing, and even rarer do I seem to be prepared for it. Hell half the time I don’t even have a pen on me (I know, I know). For a while I took to carrying a small digital voice recorder. Until, that is, I forgot to take it out of my pocket one day and washed it along with my delicates. My iTouch is certainly a better choice but it’s keyboard is too fiddly for taking quick notes. The best idea still seems to be the good old fashioned pad and paper approach. As you might expect, I’ve washed a few of those in my time as well.

Maybe I’m over thinking this whole thing. I just hate to lose good ideas when they come. If I could choose a time and place I would. So my question of the week is: What do you do when inspiration hits?