Book Corner

A small collection of my short stories for you to enjoy.  All files are available in .pdf formats

Devil May Care

Richard Kimberly is the foremost expert on the legend of the Jersey Devil.  During a trip to a small book shop in Leeds Point, home of the infamous cryptid, he discovers a journal that may hold the key to the truth behind the creature.

Flight Of The Damned

What would happen if you could outrun Death itself?  Where would you go?  And how would you react if you discovered you weren’t the first?  For one man, all of these questions will be answered one fateful night with the chance meeting of a ragged stranger. (This is the first chapter of a novella.  A Halloween treat)

Mistress of Potions – A Story From Calindraal

Bethany is a dreamer. A young girl who longs for adventure outside of her small village. When her mother unexpected passes away, she finds herself thrust into a role she never wanted. As the last in a line of great healers, she is now the only thing that stands between the villagers and the death that comes so easy in this land.