Here’s a run down of my current projects.

Children’s Books

The Adventure of Henrietta Hedgekin

Over the horizon, just where the sun sets, is the island of Gillyford. On the island sits a quiet little village called Tumbledown. The people of Tumbledown are a happy folk. Everywhere you go, from the little red school house all the way to the brightly coloured houses on the seashore, you will see people smiling, laughing and living together. Whenever they need someone to help them if they are feeling unwell or have hurt themselves, or if they just feel sad; they know just where to turn.
For just outside the village is a forest. If you go into this forest and follow the long, leafy path where the brimble berry bushes grow; you will come to a clearing. In this clearing you will find a small, crooked house with a garden filled with brightly coloured flowers and fresh scented herbs amongst which the fairies play and dance. This is the home of Henrietta Hedgekin and her black cat, Rover.
Henrietta is a witch, but not like the ones you will find in fairy tails. She doesn’t have warts or green skin; and even though Henrietta has been known to cackle, it only happens when she has been told something funny or is having her toes tickled by Rover. With her big bushy, curly red hair and her sparkling blue eyes, no one who did not live on Gillyford would even suspect that Henrietta was a witch.

Book 1: Friendship – Available Here

Book 2: Goblin in the Garden – TBA

Book 3: The Little Dragon Under the Bed (working title) – WIP



Evensong Asylum has sat abandoned since that night. Brooding and dark, with an ethereal malevolence that reaches out, calling to the souls of the weary, the forgotten and the damned. Decades have passed since the day every patient, every was found dead, slaughtered within it’s walls. The public has never known what happened; but others do. Now something is stirring. Packs of wild dogs are gathering on the grounds of the old hospital. Attacking anyone who is foolish enough to stray inside. The homeless start vanishing after being seen to be drawn to that cursed place. And now it has started taking children. Mike Henderson and his team from the little known Parapsychical Research Department, a long forgotten and secret government agency, have been sent in to find out what is going on. What they find will test them beyond their limits and make them face their darkest selves. Evensong is awakening and it is hungry.

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