Welcome to Gillyford

Welcome to Gillyford

Over the horizon, where the sun meets the sea, is the island of Gillyford. The people of Gillyford are a happy, welcoming people. From the brightly coloured house on the seashore to the little red schoolhouse, you will find people living together in harmony. And whenever someone has a problem, there is one person they know they can always count on.

For Gillyford is the home of Henrietta Hedgekin. Henrietta is a witch, but not like those found in fairy tales. She doesn’t have warts or green skin. And the only time you will hear her cackle is when she is laughing at a joke, or having her toes tickled by her cat, Rover. With her big, bushy, red hair and her sparkling blue eyes, most people wouldn’t even think she was a witch.

Henrietta Hedgekin flying over Gillyford.

Come for a visit to the island and meet Henrietta’s many friends. As well as some of the weird and wonderful creatures who live on Gillyford. For Henrietta, every day brings the chance of new adventures and learning something she didn’t know before.

Use the links below to meet Henrietta’s friends or learn about the magical creatures who live on Gillyford. You can even send a message to Henrietta herself and get a personal reply back.

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