Dead Beat Characters – Rev. Jacob Green

Welcome to the first Character review for my Dead beat series. Today I’m going to focus on our key villain; Reverend Jacob Green (Booo, HISSSS). This guy is going to replace Kane from the “Poltergeist” series as the scariest fictional preacher of all time. But enough talk, let’s meet him:

Reverend Jacob Green

Rev. Jacob green, founder of The Clan of the Chosen, is a man with no history. His sudden appearance as the churches leader occurred around three months after the Global Online Database (the replacement for the now archaic Internet) was brought online in 2048. Not long after the Green’s sudden emergence, the first sighting of a Ghost was reported and he began recruiting members for his new and apocalyptic church. Jacob Green soon made a name for himself across the country as the preeminent Evangelical preacher as well as a cutthroat business man. He had soon amassed wealth as fast as he did followers, enabling him to take his new religion global. His sudden rise to notoriety has a lot of people questioning his motives. The speculated involvement of his church and followers in certain high profile geoglobal problems, although not proven, have caught the attention of certain authorities.

Through all this, no one has come close to the truth to learning who and what Jacob green really is. Nor have they any idea of how he is linked to the Global Online Directory project. Greens plans go beyond the sermons he performs and all but those in his closest circle have any idea what his true goal is.

So this is a pretty vague character overview (don’t want to give too much away 😉 ). Basically Green is a generally unpleasant person who uses peoples fears to control and use them for his own ends. Now that we have our villain we need a hero. Stay tuned for the character profile Detective John Ellis, coming to this blog soon.

Introducing – Dead Beat

My all new Sci-Fi series, Dead Beat, has begun to take shape. The first story, Messages From Beyond, introduces us to the embittered but highly skilled Det. John Ellis. Rookie officer Kate Lee; Young inexperienced, but every bit as tough and determined as Ellis. The pair of them will end up embroiled in a saga that will have far reaching implications for the future of all humankind.

Dead Beat?

The year is 2052. It has been 10 years since the signing of the All Nations treaty and the world exists in relative peace. That is until the first confirmedGhost is filmed and broadcast across the globe. At first the world is skeptical, that is until more reports of Ghosts from around the world. Always appearing as the spirits of long lost friends and loved ones. Their sudden appearance begins a resurgence in spiritual beliefs and a sudden rise in new religious groups. The most powerful of these new religions is The Clan of the Chosen, lead by the mysterious Rev. Jacob Green.

Detective John Ellis has never been a superstitious man. He has never had need of religion and he certainly does not believe in ghosts. With the murder of Ella Norris, Ellis finds himself thrust into a strange new world, a world that will challenge every thing he thought he knew about the world. As the deaths become more common it becomes clear that there is a more going on. What are the true plans of the Rev. Green and his followers? what are the Ghosts true nature and how are they linked to The Clan of the Chosen?

Over the next few days I will put up character profiles and if you’re lucky I might even put up a short teaser.