Henrietta Hedgekin – The Countdown Begins

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This is it folks! The countdown to launch has begun.

I have been notified by my publisher that The Adventures of Henrietta Hedgekin: Friendship is due this March.

I am beyond excited. As anyone who has had to put up with me for the past few months will tell you. I want to thank everyone who has helped make this possible. All of you have kept me going when I wanted to give up.

This is going to be the first of many adventures for Henrietta. The second book, Goblin in the Garden, is already written, and book three isn’t too far behind. Henrietta’s fourth adventure is starting to take shape as well. All of these will introduce us to new and exciting characters. We may even learn a few things along the way.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. Stay tuned for updates and events as I get them.

Evensong – Darkness Hungers

As I mentioned in my Writers Cramp post, I’m taking a bit of a break from the giddy world of childrens books and getting back to my horror roots. As many of you know I’m a massive fan of the genre and it’s where I started oh so many years ago. So, it is my great pleasure to announce the start of a new WIP: Evensong. This is the story of a long abandoned and much cursed asylum. Forgotten over the years, Evensong was a place where people were not sent to heal but instead to be forgotten.

Photo by Ekaterina on Pexels.com

I won’t go into too much detail here but there is a brief synopsis under the WIP section. Over the coming weeks I will introduce you to the cast of characters, including the members of the PRD; The Parapsychical Research Department. A little known and long forgotten government agency.

We are all familiar with the typical ghosthunter team goes to old hospital and gets eaten, fondled and genrelly messed up by vengeful ghosts trope. Evensong is going to be something different. The PRD are not amateurs, they are not flashy television celebrities; they are professionals who have faced more than their share of what lurks in our deepest nightmares.

So sit back and enjoy the coming character profiles. There is a darkness that is waking up and it is hungry.

Dead Beat – Teaser

You have all been patient and the time has come for that patience to be rewarded. At long last, here is a little teaser from the prologue to Dead Beat: Awakening. Enjoy, and as always all criticisms are welcomed.

“The entire staging area was bathed in a bright green light as the power buildup continued. Salem had to shield his eyes as he fought his way across the concrete floor. The atmosphere in the chamber was so alive with energy that it made every nerve in his body tingle. Salem tried to ignore the strange sensation as he focused on getting to the controls at the opposite end of the chamber. When he finally reached the large red box that housed the cut off controls his heart sank. It was padlocked shut. Quickly he began looking around for something to pry it open. Something long and metallic caught his eye. It was the object that the intruder had used to smash the organo-capacitor. Salem surmised that it must have been blown clear when the OC has exploded. He reached down to pick it up. Even through the thick gloves of his tech suit he could feel how hot the rod was.
Ignoring the burning of his gloves he pushed the rod through the padlock and began to lever downwards. At first nothing happened. Salem put all his weight into it and finally the lock began to groan under the pressure.

“Doctor Salem,” the voice was coming from the control room over the PA system “forty seconds until overload”

That was all the encouragement he needed . With final scream he all his strength into his makeshift pry bar. This time the lock gave up and let go, almost sending Salem head first into the now exposed control panel. Quickly he began to type in the codes to shutdown the link between the core and the OC’s. Salem typed in the final command and held his breath. Nothing happened.

“Fifteen seconds until overload”

Salem looked at the metal rod in his hand and realized that he was out of options.

“Ten seconds, Dr Salem get out of there”

Salem ignored the pleas from the control room. Instead he raised the rod above his head. The normal gentle hum of the organo-capacitors had become a deafening crescendo as the power build up reached critical mass.

“Critical discharge in 3, 2, 1…”

The chamber was filled with what sounded like a high pitched scream as the OC’s released their full potential down the lines that connected them to the core of the quantum matrix. At that same moment Salem plunged his makeshift tool into the control panel in front of him. The power from the overload now found a new path to travel down. A path through Dr Salem’s own body. Every atom of his being screamed as they were torn apart by the cosmic forces surging through them. In a brilliant green flash and a final scream of defiance from the machinery, the entire complex went dark.”

I haven’t had a chance to go over it for the numerous grammatical errors that I am sure exist but please feel free to point them out (it will help me once i get to editing 😀 )

Tuesday Teaser Special

To celebrate the beginning of a new month, I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from Maidens Song. This the raw unedited version, a fearful world of grammatical errors and typos. Enjoy :

Mordrid was more than a little apprehensive about the ritual he was about to perform. Nothing like this had ever been attempted before. It had been spoken about many eons ago but no one had ever had the courage or the audacity to allow the taking of a regular mortal and make them into a Guardian; Or so the other Guardians had thought.

He thought back to that time so long ago. The Guardians numbers were falling and the council was getting desperate. One member, Felicia, had suggested that they try to bolster their numbers by “recruiting” mortals. She claimed to have discovered a way to give a mortal powers similar to those that the guardians themselves possessed. What would be created would not be as they were, nor would it still be human; More it would be like a pseudo guardian.

The idea had been vehemently opposed by both himself and Merlin. It was one of the few times the two had agreed on anything albeit for very different reasons. Merlin objected, as he often did, on moral grounds. Mordrid had objected because it would have interfered with his own plans. He also believed that to allow such creature was an affront to what it was to be a guardian. Ironic that he would now be using the very process to further his goals

Still this was not something he had decided on lightly. Not long after her demise Mordrid had stolen Felicia’s journal, her book of shadows. In it’s pages he had discovered that despite the councils decision she had gone ahead with her experiments. There had been many failures, many horrific mistakes made until finally she claimed to have succeeded in creating a hybrid. A creature made from the souls of both human and demon. The trick had been to reinforce the mortals mind enough to be able to take control of the demons power with in the same body. A kind of reverse possession. She had named her creation Chimera.

Unfortunately the process dramatically reduced the Chimera’s lifespan to a matter of weeks. Felicia had intended on extending the creatures lifespan using her own energies. Sadly for her she never got the chance to test out her idea. She, like other guardians before, had fallen into a trap set by Mordrid. It had been Mordrid himself that had dealt the final death blow. He had made her watch as he destroyed her bastard creation. Laughed as she wept for her ‘child’. It had almost been a shame to extinguish her light. Her genius was almost unparalleled amongst the other guardians. Felicia would have made a powerful ally, but as he had told her just before striking the final blow; “Felicia, you have sullied the purity of the guardian name. You must pay the price”

Now things had come full circle. He was to use this very process to defeat the last of the guardians. He didn’t expect his creation to be able to destroy Merlin, just to drain him enough and keep him distracted while he moved ahead with the final phase. Clearing his mind of all doubts and concerns, Mordrid turned to the stone alter and Edward Coles naked form laid out on top. The candles placed around Cole made the normally intimidating man seem small and vulnerable.

Mordrid walked over carrying a small vile of dark red liquid. This concoction would allow Cole’s mind to control the demon spirit that would cohabit his body. So the journal had claimed. Despite her genius, Felicia had been known to mix up important information. The risk was worth it. Once he had his own Chimera, Mordrid would finally be able to claim total victory.

“Edward” he spoke with a commanding tone “For this to work you must have total willingness. There must be no doubts in your mind. Do you give yourself freely?”

“I am yours to command my lord” replied Cole. The eagerness in his voice along with the obviously arousal he was feeling at being given such power was evidence enough.

“Then drink the elixir my friend, drink and prepare to receive the power. The power to rule, the power to dominate, the power to control”

Let me know what you think. I promise I’ll take all criticism with grace and dignity (unless your just insulting me…then it’s on 😉 )