Bestiary of Gillyford

Magical Flora and Fauna from the Home of Henrietta Hedgekin

The island of Gillyford is home to many wonderful and magical creatures. Creatures you will not find anywhere else. The Bestiary of Gillyford is a record of some of those creatures. Come back regularly as new species are being discovered all the time.

You never know what or who you might meet up in a tree or behind that bush. Investigate, explore, and discover.

Henrietta Hedgekin

Bed Monsters

We have all heard of the monster under the bed. Terrible creatures that want to drag us away while we sleep. The truth is that Bed Monsters are harmless to people and Teddy bears. All they want is our socks. Have you ever been unable to find a sock to make a matching pair? Chances are you have a Bed Monster living with you.

There’s no need to be scared. Despite what we think and get told as children, Bed Monsters are harmless. They can be quite helpful. Whenever you’ve been searching for something and unable to find it, suddenly it appears, thanks to a Bed Monster. They will help you look and because they can squeeze into places we can’t, they almost always find what you are looking for.

Of course, like all magical creatures they can be mischievous as well. Especially if they haven’t been able to find any socks for a while. A missing shoe here, your keys are not where you left them. No harm is meant; they just get a bit cranky when hungry.

Garden Fairies

A garden without fairies is like a painting without colour

Gillyford Proverb

This well-known saying on Gillyford is a testament to how widespread Garden Fairies are on the island. And to how much love the people of Gillyford put into their gardens. A garden Fairy will only come and play in a garden that is not only well-tended but that has been planted with love. To this end, a small garden can have a larger concentration of Garden Fairies than even the largest of manor grounds.  

Grumble Fruits

Grumble fruits are an odd type of creature that is part plant, part animal; and have a fungus-like quality to them. They grow on the trees deep within the darkest part of Brimbleberry Forest. They have the appearance of a cross between a mushroom and a cashew fruit. Some even say they resemble the face of a grumpy old man, hence their name. Grumble fruits are not particularly friendly and are known to taunt weary travellers who stumble into their grove.

Never ask for directions from a Grumble Fruit. They love nothing more than sending an unsuspecting hiker down the wrong path. Especially if that path ends in a deep, muddy puddle.

Forest Fairies

Forest Fairies are a bit wilder than their garden cousins. They lack the wings of the Garden Fairies but make up for this with incredible agility and climbing skills. Forest Fairies live in communities amongst the treetops. If you ever see twinkling lights amongst the leaves at night, chances are it’s a Forest Fairie village.

Forest Fairies are less trusting of people as well. They tend not to make themselves known to humans unless they have no other choice. Their ability to blend in with their surroundings makes them very difficult to spot. Magical people, such as Henrietta Hedgekin, are the exception. Henrietta has often said that Forest Fairies throw the best parties.

They are protectors of the forests and defenders of the creatures who live within. From the smallest bug to the largest bear, all are sacred to them.


It is very easy to miss the Twiggert. These small, stick-like creatures can be found all over in Brimbleberry wood. You will hear a Twiggert before you see them. They can be identified by their very distinctive chattering that sounds like sticks being knocked together. The sound is like that made by the windchimes that so many of the Gillyford children will make during the summer. Some say this tradition started as a way to coax the Twiggerts to come out and play.

While friendly and harmless, Twiggerts are very wary of larger creatures. And to a Twiggert, that’s almost everyone. They resemble the thinner ends of tree branches, complete with leaves and sometimes even blossoms, depending on the time of the year. Twiggerts can remain perfectly still for very long periods. No one knows how long; after a few days, anyone who has been lucky enough to find one and observe them has got bored and gone home before seeing any movement.

Twiggerts are a very important part of the natural ecosystem of Gillyford. They clean up debris and rotting leaves from the forest floor as well as act as natural pruners for the trees and bushes. They have incredibly powerful jaws for their size and can chew through almost anything. While they are very peaceful creatures, you wouldn’t want an accidental nip from one.