Holding Out For a Hero

I’m well know for complaining about how us Brits always seem to be portrayed as the villain by Hollywood.  I pretty much refuse to watch any more remakes of Robin Hood until they cast and actual British actor in the lead role.  Come on Hollywood, he’s our guy. (At least their getting a little closer with Russell Crowe)

However, lately I have been reconsidering my position on this little problem.  I was doing a little work on Maidens Song (my other WIP) when I realized that I actually enjoyed writing the part of my villain a lot more than my hero.  For some reason I found that I could relate to him more.  This is either because of my British origins or that I really do have plans for world domination. (I think Grand High Overlord would be a great title).  Now here’s the funny thing.  In Maidens Song my villain is undoubtedly British.  Now move over to Dead Beat and we have a villain who is (allegedly) from the deep south.  And guess what; I hate the guy.  I actually spend time thinking about how I might kill the creep off.
So this sudden revelation suddenly gets me thinking; Are we Brits really the natural villains of the world?  What is it that makes us so endearing (even when we are bent on global domination)?
It’s the accent right?  That immutable British charm.  If you haven’t watched it for a while go back and take a look at Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  When it’s over ask yourself who really carried that film: Kevin Costner or Alan Rickman.  And be honest; you feel a little sorry for Snape right?
So I guess we are destined to be the evil twin of the movie world.  And you know I don’t think I have too much of a problem with it anymore.  Far more fun to be feared than respected.
Hey Rev. Green come here, I have something I want you too look at…….

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