At Sleeps Twilight Gate

Okay I promised you a treat this week and here it is; A sneak preview from my latest short: At Sleeps Twilight gate

This is my first attempt at something Lovecraftian in style.  As always let me know what you think.
I fear when it is time to sleep.  I fear, for I know that must once again pass that twilight between the conscious and unconscious world.  That terrible place which has come to be both my purgatory, and my ecstasy.
I am uncertain how long it has been since that first time.  Days, months even years may have passed since I first journeyed away from myself and entered that world of strange and lost beings.  Time has lost much of its meaning for me now.
I still remember that night as I lay in my bed.  The recent nights had been muggy and warm, so I kept the window of my bedroom open.  I wonder now if things would have been different had I of decided, instead, to shut the outside world away.  The sounds of the night drifted in on the cool, gentle breeze, slowly lulling me to sleep.  I could feel the heavy, relaxed euphoria that one experiences as the waking world drifts away and I surrendered to it.  The sounds from outside became became more and more distant, fading to nothing.
That is when it happened, when I first heard that damnable noise that would signal my transition.  It was like the terrible neighing of a suddenly startled horse, yet it carried with it a malice that goes beyond description.  My mind became suddenly sharpened at this new, alien noise.  Without knowing exactly how and when I got there, I found myself at my window, looing down onto the street below my modest apartment.

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