Things to Come

Greetings fellow carbon constructs,

Well, where to start.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up over the next few months.  Not least of all will be the eventual moving to a larger abode.  And with that comes my own workspace once again.  It will be nice to have a writing cave again; well a section of a room that will become the writing cave anyway.  We’ve agreed to call it the craft room and each have a place where we can do our respective arty-ness.

Add to that, I have almost finished on the vague outline for my mystery/murder story.  I’m just working on fleshing out my main character.  More on that in the coming weeks.

The concept for the third part of the Guardian trilogy is also coming together rather nicely.  It’s the one that has been bugging me the most out of all of the three.  There will also be a few short stories set in that Universe that bridge the gaps between part two and part three.

You may have also noticed a slight change to the websites appearance.  The new theme is called Lovecraft.  Yeah, I pretty much had to change when I saw that.  Speaking of new things on the blog; I’m thinking about doing more book reviews on here in the coming months.  I’ll do a few and see how popular they are.  If you guys like them, I will make it a more permanent feature.

I’m signing off for now (as I’m actually at work doing this sneakily, MWAHAHAHA). May the force be forever in your favour.

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