A Little Bit of a Tease (Maidens Song)

Now this might just be the pain killers talking (my dicky knee is acting up again) but I think you lovely people deserve a little teaser.  As I have mentioned previously, I am working, amongst other things, on a rewrite of the Guardian trilogy.  It’s always amazing to me how you can look at a thing you wrote a while back which seemed so right at the time, and just go “Wow, what the hell was I thinking?!”

So anyway, here is a little bit of a teaser from Maidens Song for you.

The excitement was building within their ranks. It was small at first; just a whisper, slowly growing overtime into a great crescendo. They were ready; their return almost at hand. Soon the creature that called itself mankind would remember its true place in the great order of things.
A wave of energy passed through each demon and monstrous blasphemy. A new feeling, greater than an eternity of anger or the hunger for revenge. It was something more, something unknown to them; this was hope. A mighty cheer spread throughout the pit.

Soon they would be free…
…Soon they would be gods

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