An Unexpected Helper

Do you know what one of the hardest things about editing drafts is? Being too familiar with text. You can read over something a hundred times and miss that one mistake that has been there since day one. It’s funny how the human brain works. I remember in school (oh so many years ago) we used to have reading tests where they deliberately had paragraphs with extra words and missing words. But, depsite that, you could still read and understand everything that was written. The brain has an amazing ability to fill in the gaps and ignore the duplicates. While this is great for everyday use, it’s a bt of a bugger when you’re trying to edit.

Well recently I upgraded my ageing Office install and went with Office 365. Yes I still use Scrivener for formatting once everything is written but with Office I can use it on my phone and tablet (still no android Scrivener, grrrrr). And you never know when inspiration will hit. Plus my laptop is a little under the weather. Anyway, I digress.

I was playing around, learning the new interface and I came across an option called ‘Read Aloud’. You guys know me, I suffer technojoy. I’ll push buttons just to see what things will do. So I opened up one of my old short stories and gave it a go. It was a bit of an eye opener. I’ve read through that manuscript a hundred times and not noticed mistakes that now seem glaring and obvious. All from hearing it read out loud by a totally different voice.

Now obvioulsy the AI being used isn’t going to be able to replicate the nuace and subtleties of an actual person reading out loud. But that doesn’t matter. Hearing instead of reading makes it much easier to spot duplicates or missing words. Or even words with missing letters. Yes I do that quite often when typing, just ask my bestie about some of the utter garbage she has received in messenger. It’s a handy little tool and a rather pleasant and unexpected find.

Look at me, the former UNIX admin praising a Microsoft product. I feel a little dirty.

There is another unexpected aspect to all this. One that comes from that little voice all writers and artists have. That self doubting little bastard who tries to make you hate your own work. You all know the one. Well next time they try and pipe up, give the Read Aloud feature a go. It really puts a new persepctive on things. I’d even say it gives you a bit of a buzz. And you know what? That’s a good thing. We kick ourselves a lot when we create. So let yourself have a moment of joy for a change. Give that self esteem a boost and use that to keep the words flowing, the brush stroking, the clay moulding or whatever it is you are to doing to create. You’re an artist and you’re brilliant.

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