Welcome to the home of Henrietta Hedgekin. Henrietta is a kindly witch who lives on the island of Gillyford with her faithful cat, Rover. She is always ready to help out anyone who needs it. No matter if the need some special Henrietta magic, some helpful advice or just someone to listen to them. The people of Gillyford know they can always rely on Henrietta.

You can download Henrietta’s first adventure by clicking the link below. Why not send in a picture of her on her adventures to be featured on the Writers Stall Facebook Page? Or share a spell you think she might use to make Brussell Sprouts taste like raspberry ripple ice cream. She is always getting that one wrong.

So hop on your broom and fly on over to Gillyford. Follow the path where the Brimbleberry bushes grow and stay for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake at Brimbleberry cottage with Henrietta Hedgekin.

Click here for Henrietta Hedgkin: Friendship.