The Games Afoot

For the past 8 months or so I have had the peculiar urge to write a detective story.  Long time readers may remember my idea for Dead Beat.  Well as you know, certain circumstances here in the real world (somewhere I try to avoid as much as possible) led me to put that story on hiatus.  Now I find that the story wants out once again.  I should probably let it out to have a stretch as the pink squishy thing in my head is getting a little overcrowded.  I overheard the voices mention that they were planning an intervention on my behalf.

I’ve been looking over my notes and find myself torn between picking up where I left off, or doing a complete rewrite of the story.  To be honest I would like to switch the era which the story is set in from the not too distant future, to the late 19th century.  I think the narrative could lend itself rather well to the Victorian age of discovery with a bit of a steampunk twist thrown in for good measure.

Further proof that timing is everything when it comes to writing?  Who knows.  Perhaps this is one of those rare occasions when my procrastination has actually paid off.

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