Antiques, Authors and…Applesauce?

There isn’t actually any applesauce in this post, I just needed another ‘A’ word to finish the title.

I love antiques. I love the history and the memory that an object can hold. And if the object has a link to writing then all the better. I wanted to share my latest acquisition from last weeks Antiques Fair. A lovely example of a Bourn-Denby stoneware bottle used for Stephens Scarlet Writing Fluid No.36.

I think it was the label that really grabbed me. I’ve looked around and haven’t found one this intact. The wording and the design are so indicative of that era. The language used so different from today.

There are days I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. Then I remember that toilet paper wasn’t invented until the 1880s. 

As someone who is surrounded by technology all day, everyday, little things like this help to keep me grounded. They act as a reminder of maybe not a simpler time, but of a quieter one.

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